What is Tradeplay?

Tradeplay is my hobby. Writing my thoughts down helps crystalize my thinking and I've been coaching and mentoring others on trading since 2005. You can pop over to the website where I have a trading calculator meant to help new traders work through the thinking of creating your action plan on a stock trade before you put your money at risk.

Check it out at Tradeplay.com

Anyone that has known me for a while knows I’ve had curiosity and owned bitcoin since it was $250. As the general public is becoming more aware of bitcoin and why trust in the fiat U.S dollar is something to question these days. Going to be covering this topic more frequently too.

If you have kids, teaching them about currencies and the financial markets (something our education system ignores) please share these ideas with them. The sooner they begin to get experience here the better for their future.

This is one exciting time to be alive with so much change ahead.

Tradeplay is one outlet for me and I hope you find it intriguing and educational.

It’s free.

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