The first post and more

During the middle of the pandemic where the DJIA is up almost 1,000 points in spite of news of economic carnage, skyrocketing unemployment and a scared shitless populace seems like an appropriate starting point to to renew my stock market musings in writing, right?

Going to be sharing my primary stock watchlist here.

Currently, I am actively watching these stocks: ZM, DIS, LLY, BYND, VRTS, PTON, NURO, CHWY, SHOP, SMAR, DOCU, LPSN and MGNX plus more…

Also, anyone that knows me knows that I’m a big fan of bitcoin, have held some since it was $250 so that I’d have some skin in the game and pay attention to it. Expect commentary and charts on bitcoin here too.

What else? Mostly whatever catches my interest during my daily information intake across the world of finance, the internet and the tectonic shift to the digital native world we are all a part of right now.

On stocks, here is an example of a stock trade setup I was looking at last week on CHWY. This was for a new long trade. I did not enter this position, simply was setting up the trade to watch. I’ve found over the years that it helps to keep the exercise regimen to stay sharp….and, I can’t not be looking at stock charts anyways! ;)

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